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From the highway at Siena take the exit Siena West (Siena Ouest in Italian) and proceed in the direction of Massa Maritima.

After passing the village of Costafabbri, continue several km to the village of Volte Basse, a t tiny group of houses. Turn right on to the road towards Toiano. After a couple of kilometres you will cross a tiny bridge ‘Ponte allo spino’. At this little bridge will be 2 roads to the right, the 1st to Toiano and the 2nd brings you to us at Poggiarello.

After ca. 2-3 km there will be a big bend in the road to the right and after this you will see a road on right signposted to POGGIARELLO. Looking right, you will immediately see the tower of the castle in front of you. Proceed on this road and before you take the bend to the right you will see the original tree-lined avenue entrance to the castle in front of you.

However, just before this is a wide entrance into a field of the vineyard, marked by a wooden Poggiarello sign on the left. This takes you through and around the vineyard to the parking area.

Walk through the gate and into the castle grounds.

Please come to the double doors of the baronial hall of the castle, where we will greet you and show you to your accommodation.

Welcome to Castello Poggiarello!


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