Sic et Simpliciter

Composition: Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot Released only in the best years with a selection of our best grapes

Fermentation: in amphora; spontaneous fermentation of the intact berries, made separately for each variety of grape, from 8 up to 12 month depending on the year. Then soft pressing. The blend happens at the end of the fermentation.Then the wine goes back into the anphorae for 4 months.

Fining: Fining in bottle for 6/8 months.

Philosophy: this wine is the pure and ancestral expression of the terroir; the winemaker job tends to give more value to the identity of the grapes and the land.

Pairing: Pasta with vegetable sauces. Timbales. Pan cooked meats. Pate’ and terrines. Vegetable soups. Unespectedly, in the warm season this wine fits with summer dishes if slightly cooled.